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April 2021

The Health Sciences Library is open to all OSU medical and health sciences students. For spring semester, library access is limited to students from the Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine/SHRS, Nursing… more
A journal article illustration by HSL Medical Visuals Lead Medical Illustrator, Anthony Baker, was selected for the cover of the October 2020 issue of Acta Neurochirurgica. Tony was also the model… more

March 2021

Kerry Dhakal, MAA, MLS, HSL Research and Education Librarian, Assistant Professor, co-authored a systematic review that earned the 2020 Paper of the Year Award from the American Journal of Health… more

August 2020

At the Health Sciences Library, we work to: foster meaningful change; promote diversity and inclusion across our organization; and provide reliable and accessible health information to many different… more

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