Linking to Library Licensed Resources

Trying to link to an electronic journal article in a Carmen course site? Follow these three steps:

  1. Find and copy the persistent URL for the article.
  2. Add the proxy address before the URL in order to permit students to access the material when they are off-campus. In front of the pasted URL, type in
  3. Use the "Quick Link" function in the HTML Editor to add the link. Choose to Open in New Window* requiring the link to open in a new window.

*Note: Quick links to online journal articles work only when a new window is opened. In the Content Tool "Open a New Window" is not an option. However, the HTML Editor and Link tools do provide this option.

Include a copyright notification on the News or Content pages. See the Course Reserves Policy for more information.

Getting help:

  • For more help in integrating library resources into Carmen (such as finding persistent URLs for online journal articles),  see the Linking to Library Licensed Resources Research Guide from University Libraries.
  • Staff at the Health Sciences Library's Public Services Desk (first floor) can help find persistent URLs. Use the Ask A Librarian Question Form to ask a health sciences librarian your question. Reference librarians are available by appointment. To make an appointment with a liaison librarian, contact your college/school liaison.
  • Sometimes, linking to online materials may not be possible or practical. It may be preferable to post PDFs for the material on a Carmen course site.