550 Conference Room

The HSL is excited to re-open Room 550, located on the 5th floor of Prior Hall, with updated furniture and state-of-the-art technology for in-person presentations. Health sciences learners and faculty can reserve the room in advance or drop in for open study times when the room is not booked.

For help with technology in this room: Call Events & Video Production at (614) 688-9000

Room Features

  • Community whiteboards
  • TV screens for displaying presentations
  • Podium with microphone, connected to speakers spread throughout the room
  • Comfortable seating for open study times
  • Group seating for collaboration and events
  • Outlets available throughout the room

Room Policies 

Please read the policies below if you reserve Room 550 and intend to use the equipment or re-arrange furniture for an event.

1. Using the AV System

Please Note: This room has three large television screens, not a projector. For the best viewing experience, avoid using small fonts on presentation slides.

Start the AV System: 

Press the Crestron touch panel to activate it, and then select your display source.

Choose a Display Source:

  • Lectern Mic Only- Press “No Source (Off)” on the Crestron touch panel.
  • Installed PC:- Turn on the computer and log in with your OSUWMC credentials. TIP: Call the ServiceDesk at (614) 293-3861 for issues with your credentials.- Press “PC” on the Crestron touch pane
  • Guest Device via HDMI (ex. laptop):- Turn on and connect your guest device to the HDMI cable in the top of the lectern.- Press “Guest HDMI” on the Crestron touch panel.
  • Image Mute- This will cause the large flat panels to go black, but will come back when you select it again.- Useful if you do not want the audience to see presentation transitions, your email, etc.

Adjust Audio Levels

To adjust mic volume, press the plus or minus under “Speech Volume” on the Crestron touch panel. To adjust PC or guess device volume, press the plus or minus under “Source Volume” on the Crestron touch panel. TIP: If you are not hearing audio, make sure the volume is up on the PC or guest device, as well as the Crestron panel. To adjust, press “1" on the Crestron touch panel. Choose which camera to control under "Camera Selection": − "Front Camera" lectern. − "Rear Camera" Displays the lectern/presenter. The camera is located near the rear door on the wall TIP: The actively selected camera will show black text. After selecting Front or Rear Camera, the "Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control" will adjust the camera view.

Shut Down the AV System

Press the power symbol on the bottom left edge of the Crestron touch panel, then “Shut Down System Now”.

2. Moving the Furniture

If you need to move furniture in Room 550 during the room reservation process, please utilize the layouts below to put the table and chairs back when you are done using the room. Moving the tables requires unlocking ganging brackets. See the instructions on the next page to learn how.

Collaboration & Instruction Layout

collaboration furniture layout for room 550


Seminar Layout

seminar furniture layout for room 550


Putting Tables Back Together

Most tables in this room require unfastening ganging brackets under the tables in order to move them. Do not move tables without unfastening these brackets. If you are not comfortable moving the furniture, please leave it in place. Individuals will still be able to hear clearly from high-quality speakers throughout the room.

If you move tables for your event, please return the furniture to its original setup using the layouts provided on the previous page.


ganging brackets product info

Moving Screens

  • Do not disconnect screens
  • If you want to move a screen, it must stay plugged in