Reserve 3rd Floor Lockers

The Health Sciences Library has a limited number of individual lockers available on the 3rd floor. Lockers can be checked out; please review locker guidelines and policy below. Keys are kept at the front desk and will be checked out to your library account (i.e., you must have an active library account to check out a locker). Checking out a locker key means that you agree to comply with all locker guidelines and policy.

Health Sciences Library lockers are located on the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor Lockers... DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO remove all your belongings from the locker before returning the key
  • DO leave locker locked when returning the key
  • DO return the locker key by library close on the due date
  • DON'T place 2-hour reserve materials, such as library reserve textbooks, bones and models, etc. in lockers
  • DON'T keep food and beverages in lockers

Health Sciences Library 3rd Floor Locker Policy

  • Lockers check out for three (3) days and are due by library close on the third day. Please review the library hours webpage prior to checking out a locker, to ensure you will be able to return your locker key when it is due.
  • Lockers are available to Ohio State faculty, staff and students.
  • Locker keys are kept at the library's front desk and will be checked out to your library account.
  • Lockers may not be renewed, but a different locker may be checked out if any are available. This is to allow for lockers to be checked between use.
  • Library staff will have access to items stored in lockers and may remove items from lockers without notice.
  • The library is not responsible for theft or damage to possessions left in lockers.
  • Items left in lockers after the due date will be moved to the library lost and found.
  • Overdue fines for locker keys are $5 per day (maximum $100). A replacement charge of $100 will be assessed for lost keys.

If you have more questions about the 3rd floor lockers, please send an email to or call the HSL at (614) 292-4861.