460B Computer Lab

The Prior Hall 460B Computer Lab is open and available for online testing and assessments. The Lab is scheduled through OSUWMC Information Technology’s Events & Video Production team. Residency Testing Coordinators should submit a request form to schedule a test. For further information visit OSUWMC Prior Hall 460B Informational Page

Building Access

All OSU students, faculty and staff may now access Prior Hall during the Health Sciences Library's normal operating hours. However, all access is still via BuckID or Medical Center badge-swipe only. Each person entering the library must swipe his/her/their own ID. Non-compliance will result in the loss of your library access privileges.

  • BuckID holders: BuckID holders who previously had access to Prior Hall still have access. Any newly issued BuckIDs will also include swipe access to the building.
  • Medical Center badge holders: some Medical Center badges include swipe access to Prior Hall. If your Medical Center badge does not allow you to swipe into Prior, you will need to obtain a BuckID. Appointments to obtain a BuckID can be made here.

COVID 19 Restrictions 

  • Contact the MedCtr IT Help Desk at (614) 293-3861 at least three weeks before the exam with your software and testing needs. 
  • There are no field services techs available in Prior on exam days. If issues arise immediately call the MedCtr IT Help Desk at (614) 293-3861
  • Mandatory health screening (temp) should have been performed as required prior to coming on campus.
  • Only 19 workstations are available at a testing session. Please use only the ones which are visible. Do not raise or lower any workstation.
  • There are active Purell stations by each of the restrooms on the 4th floor.

Software Installation and Browser Compatibility

  • It is the requestor's responsibility to conduct all system checks or test browser compatibility in preparation for the event.
  • System checks should be done at least 3 weeks beforehand.
  • The requestor must submit an OSUMC IT Ticket requesting the installation of additional software or secure browser required for the event/exam. Less than three weeks' notice of any software needs may reduce the chance of having the required technology in place.
  • The requestor may be required to provide the software and/or proof of license to use prior to the event.

Food Policy

Food is not permitted in the computer lab.


Dell 9020 AIO (All in One)

Intel® 4th Generation Core
(Quad Core, 2.90 GHz Turbo, 6MB)

4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3L

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