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Poster Printing


We offer large-format poster printing, up to 42 inches wide and almost any length. We can print straight from your file, provide design consultation or design a poster from scratch to meet your needs.

Now Offering Cloth Posters:

Consider printing your next poster on our new cloth material. Unlike paper posters, cloth posters can be loosely folded and transported in a suitcase to your conference. No need to carry a big, awkward poster tube. Contact Meg Birmingham for more information and prices.

Paper Poster: 2-3 day turnaround $6.00 Sq. Foot
Paper Poster: Less than 24-hour turnaround $9.00 Sq. Foot
Cloth Poster: 2-3 day turnaround $9.00 Sq. Foot
Cloth Poster: Less than 24-hour turnaround $12.00 Sq. Foot

For an idea of pricing, the most commonly requested poster size of 56"x36" costs $90. Visit our pricing page for rates on all our services.

How to Use/Order: 

Our Easy 3-Step Process

  1. Send us your file(s) via our file transfer page. The preferred file formats are PowerPoint or PDF.
  2. We print an 11"x17" proof and call you when it's ready to review. The first proof is included in the price of the poster; any subsequent proofs are $8 each.
  3. Once you approve the proof, we print the full size poster.
Special Considerations: 

We accept cash, personal checks and OSU eRequest. If you are paying by eRequest you will need to know the final cost when placing the request. We can tell you the final cost or provide you with a cost estimate when you call us.

We are listed as HSL Medical Visuals in the eRequest vendor menu.

NOTE: We must have payment in order to release the work.