Poster Lamination and Mounting

Medical Visuals can laminate your print posters with a satin (low glare) finish. Lamination is highly suggested for any poster that is being transported and/or could be exposed to rain, because poster inks are water-soluble. Consider laminating any poster that may be displayed at several different events, or for extended periods of time. Posters being presented at indoor locations usually don't need to laminated, but lamination can be considered to protect the poster from travel damage.

Posters and other printed materials can also be mounted to foam core or Gator Board. This extra layer of rigidity is ideal for easel signs announcing upcoming seminars, lectures, speakers, conferences, meetings, directional signs, etc. We carry several types and thicknesses of foam board. Note: mounted posters also require lamination.

Let us know how how your poster will be used, and we can recommend lamination and mounting options.


Laminate and mount on 3/16" foam core $6.00 per sq. foot
Laminate and mount on 3/16" gator board $7.50 per sq. foot
Laminate and mount on 1/2" gator board $8.50 per sq. foot
Laminate only $5.00 per sq. foot
Poster tube $5.00 each tube