Illustration/Graphic Design Pricing

All illustration/graphic design projects are priced at the hourly rate of $95 per hour. Requestors will be given a quote after consultation with one of our illustrators. Projects will be invoiced for actual hours worked.

The prices listed are for individuals affiliated with Ohio State. Projects for non-Ohio State individuals will be assessed an additional 20% surcharge. Ohio sales tax is also applicable for all projects for non tax-exempt entities.

Visit this weblink to submit your illustration/graphic design project request.

Infographic/Chart | typically 3 – 6 hours
Infographics employ visual elements to present data or information quickly and clearly. Like charts and graphs, they can take many forms. Flat shapes, simple lines, colors, short text and icons can all be used to communicate the main points simply and effectively.

Infographic illustration example

Simple Line | typically 3 – 6 hours
“Simple” can refer to size of the illustration, amount of information detail, and/or style of rendering. In a simple line illustration, one or two basic structures are represented in basic outline form, with perhaps some secondary lines to indicate the form. There is usually some labeling. There is no color.


Simple Line illustration example

Simple Color | typically 7 – 10 hours
A simple color illustration is a line drawing with mostly flat color added. There can be some shading to highlight a feature of the illustration. Simple color illustrations are used to help the viewer understand the various structures of the illustration. There is usually some labeling.

Simple Color illustration example

Complex Line | typically 7 – 12 hours
A complex line illustration uses a variety of black lines to show different types of tissue, depth, overlapping structures, highlights and shading. Line illustration has long been a standard way to show complicated structures when color printing was not available or too expensive. Due to advancements in color printing technology, black and white line illustration is less necessary, but still an effective way to illustrate complex details. 

Complex Line illustration example
Moderate Color | typically 10 – 14 hours
A moderate color illustration has more than just flat color shapes. The color includes highlights, form shadows, cast shadows and some texture. There are more structures in the illustration than in a simple color figure. 

Moderate Color illustration example 1    Moderate Color illustration example 2

Complex Color | typically 15+ hours
A complex color illustration has more than just flat color shapes. Time is spent making the structures appear more real—creating highlights, form shadows, cast shadows, texture and transparency (to show deeper anatomical features). The anatomy is more complicated, with many structures coming together in a single scene. A complex color illustration is typically suggested when it is important to show complex anatomy and several types of tissue, and to use color to organize a lot of information.

Complex Color illustration example