Publications and Scholarship

The Medical Heritage Center provides an avenue and environment for scholars to publish works on topics of historical medical significance. The Center helps secure funding for publications, conducts hands-on research, provides opportunities for guest articles to appear in Center publications, and serves as a launching pad for newly published works.

Scholars-in-Residence Program

The application period for the February 1, 2024 to January 31, 2025 residence period is now closed. The George W. Paulson, MD, Scholar-in-Residence Program allows a scholar to spend up to a year within the MHC to use its resources in order to research and publish in health sciences history. Program participants receive dedicated space within the MHC and a stipend to complete their work.

The Medical Heritage Center (MHC) established a Scholars-in-Residence program in 1998. The George W. Paulson, MD, Scholar-in-Residence Program honors the memory of George W. Paulson, MD — long-time MHC scholar, founding MHC member, and extraordinary physician and local historian.

Scholarly Publications for Sale

The publications featured are for sale from the Medical Heritage Center (MHC). They were written by MHC Scholars-in-Residence. If you are interested in purchasing a book, please visit

Book by Patricia T. Gabbe, MD, MPH, FAAP

        Saving Babies: The Moms2B Story

Book edited by E. Christopher Ellison, MD and Timothy M. Pawlik, MD

        Honoring the Past and Leading for the Future: The History of The Ohio State University Department of Surgery

Books by George W. Paulson, MD

        An Extraordinary Surgeon: James Fairchild Baldwin, M.D. 1850-1936
        The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Volume III, 1998
        William Thorthon, M.D. Gentleman of the Enlightenment

Book by George W. Paulson, MD and Kristin Rodgers

        Arthur G. James Surgeon with a Dream

Book by Douglas A. Rund, MD with Richard N. Nelson, David P. Bahner and Jeffrey M. Caterino

        A Specialty Indeed: The History of Emergency Medicine at The Ohio State University

Books by Charles Wooley, MD and Barbara Van Brimmer

        John Howell Janeway Upham, M.D., 1871-1960: The Survival Years
        The Second Blessing: Columbus Medicine and Health The Early Years

Book by Charles Wooley, MD with Ann Elliot, Earl Metz, MD, and Judith Wiener

        Charles Austin Doan and the Development of The Ohio State University Medical Center