World Sickle Cell Day is June 19, 2022

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World Sickle Cell Day is June 19, 2022.

Who is at risk for sickle cell disease (SCD)? In the United States, most of the people with SCD are Black.

  • About 1 in 13 Black babies is born with sickle cell trait
  • About 1 in every 365 Black children is born with sickle cell disease

SCD also affects some people who come from Hispanic, southern European, Middle Eastern or Asian Indian backgrounds.

Learn Healthy Habits

People with sickle cell disease should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and eat healthy food. Try not to get too hot, too cold or too tired.

Children can, and should, participate in physical activity to help stay healthy. However, it's important that they don't overdo it, rest when tired, and drink plenty of water.


Sickle Cell Health Resources at a Glance

Medline's sickle cell disease information webpage

Also, check out the Library for Health Information's downloadable PDF handout at the bottom of this page for common sickle cell disease questions and answers.

If you would like more information about sickle cell disease, the Library for Health Information (LHI) can help you find trustworthy and reliable resources. Please contact the LHI librarian with your questions.


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For more resources, please email your questions to an LHI librarian at, or call us at (614) 293-3707. All information is free and confidential.

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