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Publications for Sale

The publications featured are for sale from the Medical Heritage Center (MHC). They were written by MHC Scholars-in-Residence.

Books by George W. Paulson, MD

An Extraordinary Surgeon: James Fairchild Baldwin, M.D. 1850-1936

The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Volume III, 1998

William Thorthon, M.D. Gentleman of the Enlightenment

Book by George W. Paulson, MD and Kristin Rodgers

Arthur G. James Surgeon with a Dream

Books by Charles Wooley, MD and Barbara Van Brimmer

John Howell Janeway Upham, M.D., 1871-1960: The Survival Years

The Second Blessing: Columbus Medicine and Health The Early Years

Book by Charles Wooley, MD with Ann Elliot, Earl Metz, MD, and Judith Wiener

Charles Austin Doan and the Development of The Ohio State University Medical Center


Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

Baldwin: $12
Thorthon: $10
James: $25
Upham: $12
Second Blessing: $45
Doan: $12

How to Use/Order: 

Contact Medical Heritage Center staff to order.