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Medical Illustration

Medical Visuals is your campus resource for high-quality, custom medical illustration at a fair price.

Medical illustration is a highly specialized field that requires extensive training in both art and science. This dual training allows the illustrator to effectively collaborate on projects with complex medical content. Illustrators excel at distilling information, paring it down to the essentials for communicating visually to the target audience.


For examples of the broad spectrum of work that we have produced, view our portfolio of medical illustration.  


1. Submit a request.

Fill out and submit our Illustration Request Form to provide information about your desired illustration, contact information, and preferred payment method. Your information will be sent to Medical Visuals.

2. Meet with our medical illustrator.

After reviewing your request, we will call to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss the project in more depth. The meeting will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the project's complexity. Bring all related reference materials (such as journal text, reference images, digital files, and photographs), along with the publisher's image submission guidelines.

3. Receive an estimate.

The cost of the illustration depends on the type of illustration needed. See our pricing page for more information. Once we know all specifications for the project, we will send a cost estimate. We won’t begin work until the estimate is approved. 

4. Start the project.

Once the estimate is approved, we will draft detailed sketches for your review. We may meet together to review the sketches and determine what changes should be made. Once the sketches are approved, we will create and send the final art in any preferred file format. Our standard pricing covers up to two rounds of revisions. This entire process can take from one to three weeks, sometimes more, depending on the complexity.


At Medical Visuals, our goal is to provide you with excellent illustrations at a fair  per-piece pricing structure instead of an hourly rate. Learn more and see examples on the pricing page.


All illustrations created by our staff are considered property of The Ohio State University which retains the copyright. Clienta may use these illustrations as they wish and permission can be granted for publishing, but publisher must add the notice: “© The Ohio State University.”