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Payment Options:

eRequest: When paying through your OSU department, submit an eRequest at eRequest.osu.edu. In the eRequest Internal Vendor list, we are listed as HSL Medical Visuals. The Administrator in your department should be able to help you submit the eRequest. No sales tax is charged for payments made by eRequest. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns when using this process and we will be happy to help where we can.

Cash/Check: We also accept cash and personal checks. Payment is required when you receive your item. Sales tax is charged on cash and personal check sales, and will be listed on your invoice. Please make your check payable to 'The Ohio State University.'

Credit Card: Pay online with Visa or Mastercard. If you are paying with an OSU department credit card, please let us know in advance. Otherwise you will be charged sales tax. If you, and not your OSU department, is paying, you may pay by personal credit card. You will need to know your invoice number and total amount billed in order to complete your paymant. Be sure to select, "HSL Medical Visuals" in the 'Department Providing Service' box. You will need to show a copy of your payment receipt in order to pick up your poster. Please call us at (614) 292-8034 if you have any questions. 


Medical Visuals is a cost recovery operation with fees approved by the University and Medical Center. The cost of your project will depend on the complexity and detail required to complete the job. Below are our rates for the services we offer.

Design $90.00 Hour
Illustration View Prices  
Poster Printing (Includes 11" x 17" color proof; RUSH printing may incur 50% price increase)    
Paper poster $6.00 Sq. Foot
Cloth poster $8.00 Sq. Foot
Laminate and mount on 3/16" foam core $6.00 Sq. Foot
Laminate and mount on 3/16" gator board $7.50 Sq. Foot
Laminate and mount on 1/2" gator board $8.50 Sq. Foot
Mount on Sintra $7.50 Sq. Foot
Laminate only $5.00 Sq. Foot
Poster tube $5.00 Each
Digital Portraits    
1 Pose (individual portrait with retouching) $30.00 Per Head

Group (10 or more individual portraits without retouching)

USA Passport Photo (includes 4 printed copies)



Per Head

Per Head