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Billing Policy

Customer Groups

To help identify users and their related billing, Event Technologies has categorized them into two groups: Partners and Customers.

Partners - Entities within the College of Medicine and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center that annually fund Event Technologies, most easily defined by the following Organization numbers:

  • 25xxx Organization Numbers (College of Medicine)
  • 46xxx Organization Numbers (Health Sciences)
  • 9xxxx Organization Numbers (Hospital System)

Customers - Entities requesting service but not a funding partner, as outlined above. This includes OSU main campus groups and non-OSU groups.


Billing Table

Event Technologies Billing Table

*Event Technologies does NOT charge for equipment.


Advanced Notice

Event Technologies accommodates all requests for service based on availability and given notice. However, they cannot guarantee coverage for events scheduled with short notice or major changes to existing reservations within two business days of the event. A two-week notice or more is preferred.

Short Notification requests will be monitored. Repeat occurrences may result in limited support.


Cancellation Policy

If an event or video project is canceled or established times are changed, please notify the Event Technologies team as soon as possible so staffing can be adjusted and service can be provided to other clients.  Events/video projects during hours of operation with two or more hours of operator time and events/video projects that take place after hours with any amount of operator time have until 12:00p of Wednesday the week before the event or video shoot to cancel or notify Event Technologies of a time change and not incur a charge.  Cancellations or time adjustments after that deadline and No Shows are charged a Late Cancellation Fee of $25.00 per operator hour scheduled.

No Show instances will be monitored. Repeat occurrences may result in limited support.


Paying by eRequest

OSU customers are required to pay by eRequest. Event Technologies is listed as HSL Event Technologies in eRequest.


Paying by Check or Cash

Customers paying by check or cash will be invoiced via email following the event/service.

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
Payment Method: Check or Cash
Make Checks Payable to: The Ohio State University

Please put the Invoice Reservation Number on check.
A $30 charge will be assessed against the maker of each returned check.
If paying by cash, return a copy of the invoice with payment.

Payment should be sent to:

Nick Laccheo
Event Technologies
160 Prior Hall
376 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH, 43210


Splitting Cost for Events Between Departments

Event Technologies cannot split billing for events between departments. If multiple groups would like to share costs for an event, one group will have to provide their ORG and FUND numbers to Event Technologies and the other group will have to arrange for reimbursement to the group that provided their ORG and FUND information.


Billing Questions?

Interdepartmental Billing, please contact Michaela Schiavone.
Billing Policy, please contact Event Technologies.