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Course Reserves Policy

Due to health and safety considerations, the library is currently exploring borrowing and lending options for our print and Course Reserves collection. Instructors are encouraged to contact Danielle Shearer with questions.

Course Reserves at the Health Sciences Library allows for the borrowing and lending of required and requested OSU course materials. Instructors may request their course materials be added to our Course Reserves collection through our Reserves Request Form.

Please read our Course Reserves Policy for more information.

  1. Any instructor of an OSU course may submit a reserve request to add their course materials to our Course Reserve collection through our Reserves Request Form. The Health Sciences Library Course Reserve collection typically accepts course material for the health sciences colleges.
  2. Materials added to our Course Reserve collection can be sourced from:
    • OSU’s Library Collection (excluding any item in special collections)
    • Personal copy owned by instructor or department copy owned by the instructor’s department.
      • Please note: personal and/or department materials will be marked with a semi-permanent barcode and other library markings in order to be processed for student borrowing.
      • Any personal and/or department copies damaged or lost will not be replaced by the library.
  3. Course materials that can be accepted are limited to:
    • Books
    • Journals
    • Media (DVD’s, CD’s, etc)
    • Kits/Models/etc
    • Other reference material
    • Course materials are limited to 2 copies per material per course.
  4. All materials MUST have the following:
    • Copyright information
    • Appropriate citations and attributions to the source
  5. The following items are restricted from our collection:
  6. Each instructor must ensure that permission to use material has been obtained from the copyright owner or that the use falls under an educational or fair use exception to the copyright law.
    • Copyright permission must be obtained each term for materials that will be used repeatedly by the same instructor for the same class.
    • Materials sourced from OSU’s Library Collection follows copyright rules as well as Instructor or Department materials that have copyright use information.
  7. Requests may be submitted anytime, however, materials must be placed on reserve at a minimum until the end of a semester, term or class.
  8. Processing new additions to our Course Reserves is dependent on a few factors, but generally items once received by our library, typically takes one week to be available for student borrowing.
  9. By default, most items are given the loan period of a 2 hour checkout. However, the instructor has the option to set the loan period for their materials based on their course and class size. Available loan periods:
    • 2 hour
    • 1 day
    • 1 week
    • 3 weeks
  10. Instructors will be contacted by the library before the end of the current semester, term, or class for removal or extension of materials to the next semester, term or class. All materials not used for the next semester, term or class will be removed and returned.
  11. Any personal or department owned materials will be returned to the owning professor or department at the end of the semester, term or class unless used for the next semester, term or class.
  12. Instructors have the option to pick up their materials from the library after this time or request it be sent via campus mail to their campus office once that material is removed from our Course Reserve collection.