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Finding Aids

The Medical Heritage Center's archives include the papers and memorabilia from regionally and nationally recognized luminaries such as Arthur G. James, MD, William G. Myers, MD, PhD and Robert Zollinger, MD, as well as organizations such as the Ohio Health Sciences Library Association and the Mid-Ohio District Nurses Association.

To see the finding aid for a particular collection, click on the PDF link beside each collection name.

Collection Finding Aid
Adam G. Elder, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201633Elder.pdf
Administrative Records PDF icon Spec201603AdminRecords.pdf
Adolph E. Waller, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec199829Waller.pdf
Aldo Luisada, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199816Luisada.pdf
Alpha Kappa Kappa Pi Chapter Records PDF icon Spec201629AKK.pdf
Alpha Tau Delta Collection PDF icon Spec201114ATD.pdf
Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute Records PDF icon Spec201130CHRI.pdf
Arthur G. James, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200502James.pdf
B. Anne Rubin Papers PDF icon Spec200208Rubin.pdf
Barbara Van Brimmer Papers PDF icon Spec201625VanBrimmer.pdf
Benjamin Kaplan, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199828Kaplan.pdf
Bertha A. Bouroncle, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201505Bouroncle.pdf
Biomedical Research Week Video Collection PDF icon Spec200901BiomedicalVideo.pdf
Caducean Photo Collection PDF icon Spec200105Caducean.pdf
Carl O. Boucher Prosthodontic Conference Brochure Collection PDF icon Spec200907Boucher.pdf
Carol Keith, RN, MS Collection PDF icon Spec201119Keith.pdf
Carolyn Beck Collection PDF icon Spec201302Beck.pdf
Cassandra Radical Feminist Nurses Network Collection PDF icon Spec201116Cassandra.pdf
Celebrity Eyewear Collection PDF icon Spec200807CelebrityEyewear.pdf
Central Ohio Health Sciences Library Organizations Records PDF icon Spec200101LibraryOrganizations.pdf
Central Ohio Radiological Society Collection PDF icon Spec201127Radiological.pdf
Charles A. Doan, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199811Doan.pdf
Charles F. Wooley, MD Collection PDF icon Spec199806Wooley.pdf
Charles I. Cerney Medical Stamp Collection PDF icon Spec201001CerneyStamp.pdf
Charles W. Pavey, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199815Pavey.pdf
Chauncey D. Leake, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec200701Leake.pdf
Class Notes Collection PDF icon Spec201111ClassNotes.pdf
Class Photos Collection PDF icon Spec199901ClassPhotos.pdf
Columbus Hospitals Federation Records PDF icon Spec199810Federation.pdf
Columbus Medical Association Records PDF icon Spec201502CMA.pdf
Council on Health Information Records PDF icon Spec201508COHI.pdf
David H. Rowe, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200205Rowe.pdf
Debbie Ann Cannon Freece, MS, RN, CNS Papers PDF icon Spec201601Freece.pdf
Donald E. Printz Collection PDF icon Spec201126Printz.pdf
Dorothy Oechsler Collection PDF icon Spec201113Oechsler.pdf
Dr. Ivan Gilbert Collection PDF icon Spec201110Gilbert.pdf
Dwight Palmer Collection PDF icon Spec200103Palmer.pdf
E. Kenneth Gillette, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199821Gillette.pdf
Earl N. Metz Distinguished Physician Award Collection PDF icon Spec199903MetzAwards.pdf
Edward R. Rinaldi, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201509Rinaldi.pdf
Elsie Williams-Wilson, RN, MS Papers PDF icon Spec201634WilliamsWilson.pdf
Elwood J. Davis Collection PDF icon Spec200812Davis.pdf
Ernest D. Murphy, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201614Murphy.pdf
Ernest W. Johnson, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201635Johnson.pdf
Ethelrine Shaw-Nickerson, RN, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec201626ShawNickerson.pdf
Evelyn Barritt/Mildred Newton Correspondence Collection PDF icon Spec200301BarrittNewton.pdf
Francisco T. Aledia, MD, FACS, FICS Papers PDF icon Spec201602Aledia.pdf
Frederick P. Zuspan, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201620Zuspan.pdf
Garth F. Essig, Sr., MD Papers PDF icon Spec201621Essig.pdf
Gene F. Shrum, DDS Papers PDF icon Spec201619Shrum.pdf
George F. Martin, PhD Collection PDF icon Spec201117Martin.pdf
George M. Curtis Papers PDF icon Spec199809Curtis.pdf
George Paulson, MD Oral Histories Collection PDF icon Spec199804PaulsonOralHistories.pdf
Geriatric Brochures Collection PDF icon Spec200401GeriatricBrochure.pdf
Gillette Hayden Papers PDF icon Spec200102Hayden.pdf
Grayce M. Sills, RN, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec201501Sills.pdf
Gwendolyn C. Trudeau, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201632Trudeau.pdf
Hamilton Family Papers PDF icon Spec199832Hamilton.pdf
Harding Hospital Collection PDF icon Spec201125Harding.pdf
Heartmobile Collection PDF icon Spec200809Heartmobile.pdf
Henry Cramblett, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200201Cramblett.pdf
Henry W. Hill, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200210Hill.pdf
Herbert M. Platter, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201618Platter.pdf
Holt A. Cheng, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201120Cheng.pdf
Hospital Photography Collection PDF icon Spec200302HospitalPhotography.pdf
Howard A. I. Newman, PhD Collection PDF icon Spec201118Newman.pdf
Jack C. Swisher Collection PDF icon Spec201133Swisher.pdf
Jack E. Tetirick, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201122Tetirick.pdf
Jack Miles, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199827Miles.pdf
James F. Baldwin, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201604Baldwin.pdf
James V. and Gloria K. Warren Papers PDF icon Spec199802Warren.pdf
James V. Warren Lectureship Collection PDF icon Spec200206WarrenLecture.pdf
Jane Sedgwick Papers PDF icon Spec199817Sedgwick.pdf
Jean McCrosky Collection PDF icon Spec201109McCrosky.pdf
Jerome Rini Collection PDF icon Spec201103Rini.pdf
Jerry T. Guy, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200203Guy.pdf
Joan E. Herr Collection PDF icon Spec200802Herr.pdf
John A. Prior, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199820Prior.pdf
John Boutselis, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199808Boutselis.pdf
John Dudley Dunham Collection PDF icon Spec200816Dunham.pdf
John F. Underwood, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201615Underwood.pdf
John Harris Dental Museum Collection PDF icon Spec200808Harris.pdf
Jonathan Forman, AB, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201121Forman.pdf
Julius Nemeth, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199831Nemeth.pdf
Kam Sigafoos Collection PDF icon Spec201131Sigafoos.pdf
Karrer Family Collection PDF icon Spec200902Karrer.pdf
Katherine A. Donnelly Collection PDF icon Spec200905Donnelly.pdf
Kathleen J. Mikan Collection PDF icon Spec201102Mikan.pdf
Kathryn P. Clausen, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201627Clausen.pdf
Laura Clark Collection PDF icon Spec201205Clark.pdf
Left-Wing Physicians Collection PDF icon Spec201107LeftWing.pdf
Leslie L. Bigelow, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199812Bigelow.pdf
Lester Stein, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201507Stein.pdf
Lillian Bernhagen Collection PDF icon Spec201115Bernhagen.pdf
Lionel Topaz Memorial Library of Visual Science Records PDF icon Spec200001Topaz.pdf
Louis Goorey, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201301Goorey.pdf
Man/Professor of the Year Photograph Collection PDF icon Spec200702ManofYear.pdf
Manuel Tzagournis, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201701Tzagournis.pdf
Margaret Burns Collection PDF icon Spec201303Burns.pdf
Margaret Walters Papers PDF icon Spec200801Walters.pdf
Marie J. Isselstein, RN Papers PDF icon Spec201630Isselstein.pdf
Martin P. Sayers, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201605Sayers.pdf
Mary Clark Collection PDF icon Spec201106Clark.pdf
Maud Slye, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199834Slye.pdf
Maureen O'Connell Collection PDF icon Spec201129OConnell.pdf
Max Gerke, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201101Gerke.pdf
Medical Heritage Center Collection PDF icon Spec200805MHC.pdf
Medical Review Club Records PDF icon Spec199826MedicalReviewClub.pdf
Mel A. Davis, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199904Davis.pdf
Mid-Ohio District Nurses Association Collection PDF icon Spec200810MODNA.pdf
Milton Lessler, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199813Lessler.pdf
Miriam M. Dornbirer Papers PDF icon Spec201610Dornbirer.pdf
Nationwide Children's Hospital Records PDF icon Spec.201601.Childrens.pdf
Nursing Oral Histories Collection PDF icon Spec200811NursingOralHistories.pdf
Ohio Health Sciences Library Association Records PDF icon Spec200104OHSLA.pdf
Ohio Medical Education Network Records PDF icon Spec201504OMEN.pdf
Ohio Nurses Association Records PDF icon Spec201623ONA.pdf
Ohio Public Health Association Records PDF icon Spec199822PublicHealth.pdf
Omicron Kappa Upsilon Records PDF icon Spec201612OKU.pdf
OSU Department of Radiology Collection PDF icon Spec200803Radiology.pdf
OSU Department of Surgery Collection PDF icon Spec200002OSUSurgery.pdf
OSU Hospitals Video Collection PDF icon Spec199818OSUHospitalsVideo.pdf
OSU School of Allied Medical Professions Collection PDF icon Spec201105SAMP.pdf
Oversized Documents Collection PDF icon Spec201202OversizedDocuments.pdf
P. Tennyson Williams, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199805Williams.pdf
Paul S. Metzger, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199807Metzger.pdf
Phi Delta Chi Records PDF icon Spec201608PDC.pdf
Reba Cobb Schanz Collection PDF icon Spec200806Schanz.pdf
Richard Distad Collection PDF icon Spec200813Distad.pdf
Richard L. Howard, MD Collection PDF icon Spec200815Howard.pdf
Richard L. Meiling, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199823Meiling.pdf
Richard M. Hill, OD, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec201506Hill.pdf
Richard N. Cowden, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199814Cowden.pdf
Riverside Methodist Hospital Collection PDF icon Spec200804Riverside.pdf
Robert A. Bruce, Jr., MD Papers PDF icon Spec201628Bruce.pdf
Robert C. Tarbell, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201124Tarbell.pdf
Robert Cummings Papers PDF icon Spec199819Cummings.pdf
Robert L. Folk, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201128Folk.pdf
Robert L. Wall, MD Collection PDF icon Spec201123Wall.pdf
Robert M. Zollinger, MD Collection PDF icon Spec199301Zollinger - Public View.pdf
Robert Schweikart, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec199825Schweikart.pdf
Rocky Glen Sanatorium for Tuberculosis Collection PDF icon Spec201204RockyGlen.pdf
Ronald L. Stuckey, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec199833Stuckey.pdf
Roy L. Donnerberg, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201631Donnerberg.pdf
Ruth Ann Busald Papers PDF icon Spec201624Busald.pdf
Samuel A. Corson, PhD Papers PDF icon Spec201304Corson.pdf
Samuel Saslaw, MD, PhD Collection PDF icon Spec200204Saslaw.pdf
Shirley Barco Zorno Collection PDF icon Spec201112Zorno.pdf
Shirley Bogart Tarbill Papers PDF icon Spec200209Tarbill.pdf
Sigma Theta Tau Collection PDF icon Spec201206SigmaThetaTau.pdf
St. Francis Hospital Records PDF icon Spec201611StFrancis.pdf
The Ohio State University College of Medicine Collection PDF icon Spec200904Medicine.pdf
The Ohio State University College of Nursing Records PDF icon Spec200202OSUNursing.pdf
The Ohio State University Health Sciences Library Records PDF icon Spec199902HSL.pdf
The Ohio State University Medical Alumni Society Records PDF icon Spec201622MedAlum.pdf
The Ohio State University Medical Center Brochures Collection PDF icon Spec200814OSUMCBrochures.pdf
The Ohio State University Medical Center Records PDF icon Spec201607OSUMC.pdf
The Ohio State University Medical Center Service Board Collection PDF icon Spec200903ServiceBoard.pdf
The OSU Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Collection PDF icon Spec200906CardiovascularMedicine.pdf
Thelma Holmes Collection PDF icon Spec201108Holmes.pdf
Thomas A. Pence Papers PDF icon Spec201503Pence.pdf
Thomas E. Rardin, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199824Rardin.pdf
Thomas E. Shaffer, MD, FAAP Papers PDF icon Spec201606Shaffer.pdf
Thomas Minnick Collection PDF icon Spec201104Minnick.pdf
University Hospital East Collection PDF icon Spec201132UHE.pdf
Vemont D. Kerns, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199830Kerns.pdf
Vertical File Photos Collection PDF icon Spec201203VFPhotos.pdf
Wendell D. Postle, DDS Papers PDF icon Spec201617Postle.pdf
William C. Vigor, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201613Vigor.pdf
William Casper Parker, MD Papers PDF icon Spec201609Parker.pdf
William G. Myers, MD, PhD Collection PDF icon Spec199801Myers.pdf
William H. Havener, MD Papers PDF icon Spec199803Havener.pdf
William H. Henry, MD Papers PDF icon Spec200207Henry.pdf
William R. Wallace, DDS Papers PDF icon Spec201616Wallace.pdf