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Medical Illustration Prices

Beginning July 1, 2016, Medical Visuals is changing our pricing structure for medical illustrations from a per-hour rate to a per-piece rate.
Illustration Prices per Piece
Simple Line...$400
Simple Color...$550
Moderate Color...$750
Complex Line...$700
Complex Color...$900
Cover Art...$1,750



View a description and examples here


Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Why is the pricing structure changing?
We are doing this for several reasons. This new structure will make it more convenient for our customers to determine, in advance, the cost of an illustration.  This is something our customers have requested to help them plan their budgets. It will also be more efficient for our medical illustrator, since flat rates will reduce time spent calculating client cost estimates.  Medical Visuals has not increased rates in over five years so the new prices are now in line with other academic medical art departments. 
2. How did you determine the new pricing structure?
As an OSU earnings operation, we are required to cover our expenses. We reviewed all of our business expenses and determined available billable hours to arrive at current rates needed to cover expenses.  We also compared our price structure with results from the 2014 Association of Medical Illustrators Pricing Survey. Our new prices are in line with other academic institutions’ medical illustration services.
3. How will this affect me?
In the past, when hiring Medical Visuals to create an illustration, you would have to meet with the illustrator to discuss the specifications, then wait for a cost estimate to be determined based on the number of hours estimated to complete the project. This way, you know the cost up front, depending on the type of illustration you want. If you don’t know what type of illustration is right for your project, you can discuss it with the medical illustrator.
4. When will this new pricing structure take effect?
The new structure will take effect at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017, July 1, 2016.
5. What is the new pricing structure?
There are six different categories of illustration: Infographic/Chart, Simple Line, Simple Color, Complex Line, Complex Color, and Cover illustration.  The per-piece rate includes two rounds of revisions.  Each time a piece is presented and feedback is given, this constitutes one round. Clients are encouraged to consolidate feedback to save costs. Further changes after two rounds will be billed at the rate of $100 per hour.
6. Will my illustration cost more?
It may, depending on which level of illustration you need. 
7. What if I can’t afford the new illustration rates?
Talk to your illustrator. A simpler illustration style may suit your design and budget needs.
8. Do I get a price break for multiple illustrations?
We offer a 25% discount for a set of four or more related illustrations in a project.  This includes related illustrations incorporating the same elements in more than one figure.
9. How do I pay?
We accept cash, personal checks and OSU eRequest. If payment will be made by eRequest you will need to know the final cost when placing the request. We will provide you with a cost estimate in advance. We are listed as HSL Medical Visuals in the eRequest vendor list. If paying by cash or check, we sales tax must be added. My checks payable to "The Ohio State University." We cannot accept debit or credit card payments.
NOTE: Payment is due at completion of the project.
10. What if I don’t work for the university?
These prices are only for those affiliated with the university.  Non-OSU clients will be charged a 20% increase.  Also, unless the requestor represents a tax-exempt entity, Ohio sales tax will be charged on all projects for non-OSU clients.