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What type of events does Events & Video Production record?

We can record or webcast most any type of live event, interview or training as long as it is of an educational nature.


What type of recording options does Events & Video Production provide?

We provide various options for capturing and communicating your message:

  1. Assembled Video Production
    With this option, we can help you plan and shoot video material for later assembly in post production. With our extensive video editing resources, we can help you find the right combination of video footage, graphics and audio to best communicate your message. This is the most time-consuming option with the cleanest and most refined end product.
  2. Live Switch, Multiple Camera Production with Graphics
    With this option, we set up multiple cameras in-room. A video director switches between camera shots and a computer feed of the presentation to create a professional-quality recording in real time with graphic overlays for presenter names and titles. This option results in a faster turn-around time for the finished product, but requires a more extensive crew with more equipment during the live event. This option is required for any live webcasting or broadcasting of an event.
  3. Screen Capture
    With this option, we can record what is happening on the presenter's computer as well as the audio from the presentation. This is a very quick and easy way to record a presentation for archiving or for hosting on the web for later viewing. 


What video editing services does Events & Video Production provide?

We have two professional video editing suites that are outfitted with the latest in professional editing tools from Apple and Adobe. For post-production projects, we welcome you to join us in one of our edit suites so that you can work side-by-side with our editor, ensuring that your message is being accurately portrayed.


What media production services does Events & Video Production?

Our standard deliverable video file format is the industry leading .mp4 file type, but we can create almost any other video file type or playable DVD's. We deliver files digitally, but can also deliver files on a physical DVD/CD.  Each disc that we create comes standard with a printed label and case. Custom artwork for disc labels can be created upon request.


How do I schedule a Live Event Recording?

To start, please submit an online request with our department. You will then be contacted by one of our staff members who will be your main point of contact for your recording, working with you from the pre-production planning process through the end of your event.


What types of video projects can Event Technologies help with?

Besides being able to record and produce your broadcast, webcast or live event, we can help you plan and produce video projects of an educational nature that may require a more detailed approach than what a live event can provide. With our various HD cameras and edit suites, we can give your project the attention to detail that it deserves while ensuring that your message is assembled just the way you intend it to be.