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Operator Assistance

What is operator assistance?

Operator Assistance refers to having a dedicated Audio Visual Technician scheduled for an event in its entirety. Our technicians will oversee the audio, video, lighting and presentation needs for your event.


When is operator assistance recommended?

Assistance is recommended for large-scale events and events that are more technically involved. Examples are:

  • All-Day Symposiums with multiple speakers and possible breakout rooms
  • High Profile or VIP Events
  • Video Conferences


When is operator assistance required?

Operator assistance is required for any after hours or weekend events where Remote System Management (RSM) is not available. Operators (in different production roles such as video director, camera, audio, etc.) are required for almost all recordings. Operators may be required for extensive or complex setups. We reserve the right to require an operator for any event. Operator availability is subject to our current workload, but we will always do our best to meet the needs of the customer.