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Overview & Key Points

Events & Video Production, a customer-focused unit within the Health Sciences Library, provides scheduling and audiovisual services for the centrally scheduled spaces throughout The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) using the policies & procedures outlined on this page.  Space at the OSUWMC is an important resource.  The efficient and equitable management of shared OSUWMC spaces is entrusted to the Events & Video Production unit.  All use of centrally scheduled space at the OSUWMC must be confirmed prior to the event through the Events & Video Production unit.  Events refer to any activity scheduled in a space, including OSU for-credit classes, grand rounds, conferences, and daily, weekly, and monthly meetings.  The team works to satisfy the space and audiovisual needs of all event requests, using the resources they have available.  Priorities of right to space have been established to provide clarity and mediation when conflicting event needs exist.  The spaces, policies, and procedures for scheduling have been approved and are supported by the OSUWMC Space Committee, which includes education, research, and clinical mission leaders and representatives from each major OSUWMC unit.  All users are expected to comply with the policies outlined on this page.


Event Scheduling Procedures Summary

  1. Confirm your event date with presenter(s) and your department/group.
  2. Search for available space at go.osu.edu/wmcrooms (must be on Med Center network)
  3. Request a space and AV needs at go.osu.edu/eventsandvideoproduction
  4. Wait for confirmation of space and AV
  5. Send invitations to attendees / Promote event
  6. Reply to confirmaiton email to make changes to existing reservations.

*Please see below for full policies and procedures.



Pre-Scheduling Information
Event Support
Billing Policy
Equipment Checkout
Event Scheduling Procedures
Renewals for Recurring Events
Room Reassignment or "Bumping"
Scheduling Process and Priorities
Dispute Escalation
Support & Leadership


Pre-Scheduling Information

  • Who Can Schedule – No room can be scheduled by a non-OSU entity. All activities must be scheduled and sponsored by a billable OSU department, using Organization and Fund number. Student organizations sponsored by an OSU unit may schedule rooms and AV.
  • One Contact per Event/Project - To ensure clear communication and mutual expectations, Events & Video Production requires one contact per event or video project.  All decisions, including initial requests, changes, and quote approval (if necessary), must come through that person.  Events & Video Production will not accept changes from anyone other than the documented contact.  It is the designated contact's responsibility to share information from their event/group with Events & Video Production and vice versa.  The contact will also be the person to receive automated email reminders of scheduled audiovisual services and invoices (if applicable)
  • Advanced Notice – Events & Video Production accommodates all requests for audiovisual service based on availability and given notice.  However, they cannot guarantee coverage for events scheduled with short notice or major changes to existing reservations within two business days of the event. A two-week notice or more is preferred.  Short Notification requests will be monitored. Repeat occurrences may result in limited support.
  • Event Times – All users must honor the hours as requested and approved. Setup, clean-up, etc. is to be included for the time requested.  Events are scheduled with two different time frames: when you have the room and within that, when your event actually happens.
  • Room Setup – Events & Video Production does not provide room setup of tables and chairs.  Each building varies in how room setup works.  Some buildings have groups that provide the service and some buildings do not.  Please see the Event Resources page for information by building.  In all buildings, furniture (including tables and chairs) is not to be removed from the room it is in.
  • Room Clean-up – The room(s) must be returned to its original condition & configuration. Leftover food and trash must be removed. Furniture may not be borrowed or moved from other rooms.  All meetings must be cleaned up and out of the room by their scheduled reserved end time.
  • Additional Services – Events & Video Production provides room scheduling and audiovisual support.  The event contact assumes responsibility to schedule independent services (e.g. room setup, after hours building and room access, catering, etc.). Some services may be billable by the provider.  Please see the Event Resources page for additional information. 
  • After Hours Access – Events & Video Production do not manage after hours access or building security.  Please see the Event Resources page here for more information on after hours building and room access. 
  • Unscheduled Meetings – All use of space managed by Events & Video Production must be scheduled prior to use.  Groups or individuals holding impromptu, unscheduled meetings, must vacate the space for officially scheduled events at the time the event is scheduled.
  • University Offices Closed (Holidays) – Events are not scheduled on dates that university offices are closed, such as on the 10 observed holidays.  Events are scheduled on days where there are no classes, but offices are open.  These dates can be found on the Academic Calendar, here.  The 10 holidays observed per year by OSU can be found in OSU Policy 6.20, here and on OSU’s University Policies webpage under Human Resources, here.

    NOTE: Any events planned to take place while university offices are closed must be specifically identified in the request to Events & Video Production.  The event contact is responsible for confirming room and AV services for dates where OSU offices are closed.

  • Weather or Other Short-Term Closing – Events & Video Production staff are not designated as essential staff.  In the event of a weather or other short-term closing, per OSU Policy 6.15, all events will retain their space reservation, but should plan not to have audiovisual services as scheduled.  OSU Policy 6.15 can be found here and on OSU’s University Policies webpage under Facilities and Safety, here.
  • Alcoholic Beverages – Please see Event Resources.
  • Live Music/Dance Performances - The locations supported by Events & Video Production are designated as presentation spaces, not performance spaces.  Live music (amplified or not) and dance performances are not generally permitted.  The surrounding spaces house patient care and administrative units that would be disrupted by the noise from these types of events.  The audiovisual systems were designed for business and educational presentations, meaning the microphones, amplifiers, and speakers are not appropriate for musical performances.  Please see the Main Campus Event Venues and Services section of our Event Resources page for other options that can accommodate music and dance performances.
  • Event Promotion – No event should be posted, announced, or promoted with regards to location until an e-mail confirmation is received from Events & Video Production.  The event contact is responsible for relaying all pertinent information, including room policies, to the attendees within the scheduled group and is responsible for ensuring guidelines are followed.  For spaces scheduled through Events and Video Production, the use of tape, staples, or thumbtacks is prohibited on walls, ceilings, or any other building surface.  For additional information regarding decorating and signage guidelines, please see the Event Resources page.
  • Information Technology – Events & Video Production provides Audiovisual (AV) support and is not a unit within OSUWMC Information Technology (IT).  Though the two groups have overlapping areas of support and services, they have different skill sets and responsibilities.  Some event related technology and services fall under the support of Information Technology.  Management and support of Medical Center computers, including software, falls under OSUWMC IT.  Support from Events & Video Production of Medical Center computers and personal technology devices brought for an event is limited.  Other event related resources that are managed and supported by OSUWMC IT include, but are not limited to, intranet and Internet access (including WiFi), medical applications, WebEx web conferencing, video conferencing infrastructure, and user account access.

    Events & Video Production does not install software on Medical Center computers or personal devices.  If a user requires software that is not installed by default on Medical Center computers, both IT and Events & Video Production recommend that the user bring a laptop with the software installed.  Non-standard software can be installed on Medical Center computers in spaces supported by Events & Video Production by working with IT (call 3-HELP), but it is not recommended because computers are often swapped out for maintenance or re-imaged (erasing any non-standard software).  Neither IT nor Events & Video Production can guarantee that specifically installed, non-standard software will always be available in a specific location.  In some instances, IT will provide individual users with rights and access to install specific non-standard software themselves.  Events & Video Production staff do not have the elevated credentials or access to install any software on Medical Center computers.  The only way to guarantee that non-standard software will be available for an event is to have it installed on a laptop and to bring that laptop to the event. Please notify Events & Video Production if a laptop will be brought for use during an event so they can ensure connectivity.  


Event Support

  • AV System Access - All events with confirmed audiovisual (AV) support through Events & Video Production will have open access to the Crestron touch panel to control the AV system (i.e. system and projector/flat panel power, source selection, audio levels, etc.).  Outside of scheduled events, AV systems supported and implemented by Events & Video Production are password protected.  Passwords to the AV systems are not shared outside of the Events & Video Production staff.

    Password protecting the AV systems between events ensures appropriate and authorized access, while reducing unnecessary wear and conserving energy.  Preventing unauthorized  access enforces the cornerstone policy that all use of centrally scheduled space at the OSUWMC must be confirmed prior to the event, which ensures predictable and fair access for all users.  Additionally, password protecting AV systems between scheduled events facilitates the Events & Video Production service model and meets departmental requirements, allowing them to accurately track usage for informed budgeting and technology planning.  This model of AV system support and management is time-tested and user supported.  Since they started surveying in 2014, 95% of clients have reported that they are satisfied with the level of AV service they receive from Events & Video Production.
  • Remote System Management (RSM) - RSM enables users to easily host their event with self-serve access to the installed AV system. The user is responsible for turning on the AV system and shutting it down when they are done, using the touch panel control system. This service is available by request via our on-line request formTo best manage Events & Video Production's resources and personnel, your event may be supported by RSM for basic use of the AV system. 

    Some spaces are primarily supported by RSM. These spaces include BRT 130, BRT 134, DHLRI 159, and Graves Hall first floor classroomsThese spaces still need to be scheduled and AV requested through the on-line request form. In-person support of these spaces will be provided for recordings and extenuating circumstances.


  • Guest Devices & Adapters - Every space that Events & Video Production provides audiovisual support for has the ability to connect guest devices. Users that bring their own devices are responsible for bringing the necessary adapters to connect to the AV system. Due to the wide variety of potential adapter needs, Events & Video Production does not provide adapters for guest devices. 
  • Loading Computer Content – Events & Video Production does not accept presentation content (PowerPoint files, picture slideshows, etc.) prior to an event for pre-loading.  Clients are expected to bring or have access to their content on-site of the event.  Events & Video Production recommends clients bring their content with them on a USB flash drive (formatted for Windows).  For on-site setups, an Events & Video Production tech can assist with loading content to the computer.  For Remote System Management (RSM) events, clients are expected to load their own content.
  • Content Creation/Editing - Events & Video Production does not provide content creation or editing of presentations (PowerPoint, TurningPoint, Keynote, etc.) prior to events or on-site. Clients are expected to be versed in the tools they are using during their event.

Billing Policy

Scheduling services for space and audiovisual services is provided as a complimentary service to all requestors.  There is no charge to use any space scheduled through Events & Video Production.  Audiovisual services may incur a charge.  To help identify clients and potential charges for AV services, clients are categorized into two groups: Partners and Customers.

Partners are entities within the College of Medicine and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center that annually fund Events & Video Production, most easily defined by the following Organization (Org) numbers:

  • 25xxx Organization Numbers (College of Medicine)

  • 46xxx Organization Numbers (Health Sciences)

  • 9xxxx Organization Numbers (Hospital System)

These groups are Events & Video Production’s primary stakeholders and to whom the majority of the team’s services are provided.  As contributors to the Events & Video Production budget, these groups are not charged for most services, including event related AV services that take place within the team’s hours of operation and equipment checkout services.  These groups are charged for staffed, after hours events and video projects.

Customers are entities requesting service but are not members of a funding partner group, as outlined above. This includes OSU main campus groups and non-OSU groups.  These groups are charged for event related AV services and video projects.  Equipment checkout is not available to these groups.

All OSU entities requesting AV services are required to provide Organization (Org) and Fund numbers with their request.  If the requestor does not know these numbers, they should contact their unit’s fiscal officer prior to submitting a request.  All non-OSU entities or OSU entities not paying with department funds will be required to pay by check or cash (credit card is not accepted).  In any instance that a service is billable, a quote will be provided via email and documented quote approval from the event contact will be required prior to confirmation of service.


Billing Table

The following billing table is provided as a quick visual reference to determine what the audiovisual charges may be based on the service type being requested and the client group category of the requestor.

Events & Video Production Billing Table

* Events & Video Production does NOT charge for equipment.


Billing Process – Events & Video Production uses a 1:1:1 billing process, which means that each event or project will receive its own invoice and require its own unique payment.  After each billable event or project, Events & Video Production will send a final invoice via email to the event contact with payment instructions based on their payment method.  Details regarding payment methods are below.

Paying by eRequest – For OSU clients that provided an Organization and Fund number, the invoice must be paid through OSU’s internal eRequest payment system.

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
Payment Method: eRequest 
Internal Vendor Name: HSL Events & Video Production

Though Events & Video Production prefers clients wait to create an eRequest until they receive an invoice, they understand that some OSU groups require their staff to submit an eRequest prior to receiving services/goods.  Since the services Events & Video Production provide can change during the event or project due to a change in needs, they do not process eRequest pre-payments.  Events & Video Production will send a final invoice after each billable event.  When the client receives an invoice from Events & Video Production, they can either fill out a new eRequest payment or if they have already submitted an eRequest, they just need to verify that the final invoice amount matches the eRequest amount and then email Events & Video Production the eRequest #.  Please note that if an eRequest pre-payment is submitted for a series of events, that eRequest can only be applied to the first invoice.  The client will receive separate invoices for each instance in the series, each requiring a separate eRequest payment.

Paying by Check or Cash – Clients paying by check or cash should include the Invoice Number and the Reservation Number on the check or if paying by cash, return a copy of the invoice with payment.  Payment criteria of the invoice is as follows:

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
Payment Method: Check or Cash
Make Checks Payable to: The Ohio State University
Please put the Invoice Reservation Number on check.
A $30 charge will be assessed against the maker of each returned check.
If paying by cash, return a copy of the invoice with payment.

Payment should be sent to:
Dave Yurkovich
Events & Video Production
160 Prior Hall
376 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH, 43210

Splitting Cost for Events Between DepartmentsEvents & Video Production does not split billing for events between departments. If multiple groups would like to share costs for an event, one group will have to provide their ORG and FUND numbers to Events & Video Production and the other group will have to arrange for reimbursement to the group that provided their ORG and FUND information.

Cancellation Policy for AV ServicesIf an event or video project is canceled or established times are changed, please notify the Events & Video Production team as soon as possible so staffing can be adjusted and service can be provided to other clients.  Events/video projects during hours of operation with two or more hours of operator time and events/video projects that take place after hours with any amount of operator time have until 12:00p of Wednesday the week before the event or video shoot to cancel or notify Events & Video Production of a time change and not incur a charge.  Cancellations or time adjustments after that deadline and No Shows are charged a Late Cancellation Fee of $25.00 per operator hour scheduled.

No Show instances will be monitored. Repeat occurrences may result in limited support.


Billing Questions

For billing policy questions, please contact Events & Video Production.

Interdepartmental Billing, please contact Michaela Schiavone.


Equipment Checkout

Events & Video Production provides basic AV equipment checkout services to members of their Partner groups.  This service is intended to meet the needs of simple, one-time meetings/presentations outside of their supported spaces.  This service is not intended for long-term individual use, large quantity checkout (ex: creating a computer lab in a meeting space), recurring needs, or multiple clients checking out equipment for the same event/group/purpose.


  • Three business day maximum checkout length.

  • The client is responsible for picking up and returning all checkout equipment. Events & Video Production does not deliver or pick up checkout equipment. Equipment can be picked up in 160 Prior Hall. When entering the building, go to the far right of the large wall mural and ring the doorbell for Events & Video Production.

  • All clients are required to fill out an Equipment Checkout Agreement form, in person, prior to release of any equipment. This includes providing Organization and Fund numbers and agreeing to the terms of use by signing the form.

  • Only members of Partner groups may use this service (definition here).  Customers and Students may not check out equipment.

  • Events & Video Production reserves the right to refuse checkout requests. The primary reason for this is low inventory levels.

Items Available for Checkout:

  • Laptop (Windows)
    With Medical Center login access to email, shared drives, and applications.
    Quantity: 1

  • Portable LCD/DLP Projector
    Small only, with both HDMI and VGA connections.
    Quantity: 1

  • Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer (for advancing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint)
    Used to advance presentation slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    Quantity: 1

  • Audience Response System (TurningPoint 5.3.1)
    Each pack contains 50 transmitter pads with the required USB receiver.
    Quantity: 50 or 100 pads

  • Corded Reel
    Power extension cord with 4 outlets.
    Quantity: 1


Event Scheduling Procedures

Checking Availability – After setting a firm date with presenters and their department/group, Medical Center employees and Medical Students are asked to check room availability prior to submitting a room request.  This can be done through the online calendar at go.osu.edu/WMCrooms (you must be on the Medical Center network).  Use the Filter feature at the top right to search by date, location, and audiovisual capabilities.  Click on room names for more details on the space including availability, capacity, room setup, pictures, and audiovisual system instructions.  For non-Medical Center entities, skip this step and submit a request.  If there are any issues, the Events & Video Production team will work with you.

New Requests – New requests to reserve space or schedule audiovisual services are to be submitted electronically through the Events & Video Production Request Form.  This ensures Events & Video Production receives all of the information they need to accurately schedule the request.  The request form can be found in two places:

Upon submission, users will receive an automatically generated email that will confirm receipt and summarize the request.  Once submitted, requestors can expect a response from someone on the Events & Video Production team within two business days.  If questions arise before receiving a response, requestors can simply reply to the automated response they received when submitting the request.

*Events & Video Production does not accept Microsoft Outlook appointments as a means of scheduling space, requesting AV, or making changes to an existing reservation.

Changes to Existing Reservations – Changes to existing reservations are to be requested via email by replying to the confirmation most recently sent by Events & Video Production.  The Events & Video Production team will already have the required information from the original request submitted via the request form, so an email is adequate to make adjustments.  Examples include:

  • Changing the date of an event.

  • Changing the time of an event.

  • Changing the location of an event.

  • Removing audiovisual services originally scheduled.

  • Changing audiovisual services originally scheduled.

Urgent Scheduling Procedures For urgent scheduling needs, contact Events & Video Production via telephone at (614) 688-9000.



To be fair to all groups, spaces are not held or temporarily reserved for tentative events.  “Holding” a space refers to booking one or more dates/times/locations without first confirming the event will take place as requested or with the intent of only using some of the reserved space.  This puts an unnecessary strain on limited space resources and prevents other users from scheduling their confirmed events by blocking space for events that may not take place.  Holds prevent the Medical Center from maximizing the use of their shared space resources.  Event contacts are expected to have a firm date prior to submitting a room and/or AV request.  

*For situations where a hold seems like the only option to ensure an important event can take place (for example, dealing with senior leadership schedules), please call our office and ask for an Event Scheduling Supervisor.  The Events & Video Production team will do what they can to work out a solution that will help you, but not impact other groups looking to schedule their important meetings.



Space Cancelation – Space at the OSWMC is a limited resource and users of that resource play an important role in its efficient management.  Users are expected to notify the Events & Video Production team when an event they are the contact for has been canceled.  This ensures that space is not unnecessarily reserved when not in use, which allows the Medical Center community to host events with the most flexibility and options available within the provided resources.

AV Cancelation – Charges may apply, please see the Billing Policy.


Renewals for Recurring Events

It is the responsibility of the event contact to request the continuation/renewal of their meeting(s) annually.
Events & Video Production does not schedule standing meetings without an end date.  


Room Reassignment or “Bumping”

Confirmation of a scheduled event does not guarantee the location.  The Events & Video Production team does occasionally have to reassign or “bump” events to a different location to facilitate the best usage of space for all events.  Reassignment is a last option.

*Outside of patient safety concerns, walking due to distance from department/unit and parking location are not reason to “bump” existing events to another space.


Scheduling Process and Priorities

The space scheduling goal of Events & Video Production is to meet the needs of each request with the resources available.  Once needs have been satisfied, they work to meet preferences.  All requests are scheduled based on availability and appropriate fit, taking in to consideration event needs (estimated attendance, audiovisual support, etc.).  

As an academic medical center, OSU for-credit classes take priority over all Wexner Medical Center events.  All-day conferences are given priority over recurring and one-off meetings.  Recurring meetings are given priority over one-off meetings and newly established recurring meetings.  One-off events are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  Events with attendees that have patient care & safety responsibilities, especially the need to respond to emergency codes, will be given location priority based on proximity.  The spaces scheduled through Events & Video Production are not intended for long-term use, including for temporary office space.  

When a conflict between space needs exists, the following event classification priority scale (1 being the top priority) is used to determine who gets the space.

  1. Senior Leadership Directed Events: High priority and high profile events supporting at least one of the three OSUWMC missions areas (clinical, education, and research) and championed by a senior leader.

  2. OSU For-Credit Classes: Classes in which students are paying tuition towards a degree from The Ohio State University.  All for-credit courses are listed in the OSU Course Catalog at https://courses.osu.edu/.
    *Classes will not be scheduled in conference/meeting rooms unless no classroom space is available.

  3. Grand Rounds: A formal meeting, usually recurring, that serve as an important teaching tool for medical education and inpatient care.  The meeting format includes presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient case to an audience consisting of doctors, residents, medical students, and nurses.

  4. Professional Teaching & Training Conferences:

    1. All Day Conferences

    2. Non-All Day Events
      *Includes both for-credit (ex: Continuing Medical Education) and non-credit (ex: staff & nursing orientations) granting events.

  5. OSUWMC Leadership & Administration Events: Daily, weekly, monthly meetings for leadership and administration within the Office of Health Sciences, College of Medicine, Health System, and the Cancer Program.

  6. OSUWMC Events: Daily, weekly, monthly business unit meetings, Communications & Marketing events, annual WMC events, etc.

  7. Non-OSUWMC Events: Other Ohio State University events.
    *Non-OSU individuals and entities are required to have an OSU Sponsor to schedule space within the OSUWMC through Events & Video Production.


Dispute Escalation

When a user would like to contest a space scheduling decision, they are expected to either email or call the Events & Video Production team with their concern.  The team will make every effort to find an equitable solution to their needs, while adhering to the governing policies and priority of scheduling structure.  Events & Video Production is entrusted by senior leadership to make fair and final space allocation decisions, as they pertain to events in centrally scheduled WMC spaces.  If a mutually agreed solution is not established, Events & Video Production may escalate the matter to senior leadership (College of Medicine Dean, Health System CEO, James Cancer Hospital CEO, or their designee) in the appropriate supporting area if they feel it is warranted.  The decision by senior leadership will be final and delivered back to the event contact by Events & Video Production.


Support & Leaderhip

Events & Video Production, a unit within the Health Sciences Library, provides scheduling and audiovisual services for the centrally scheduled spaces throughout The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC).  Support and leadership for Events & Video Production is provided in two ways.

First, as a unit within the Health Sciences Library, the Events & Video Production operation is under the supervision of the Health Sciences Library Director.

Second, the spaces, policies, and procedures for scheduling have been approved and are supported by the OSUWMC Space Committee, which is co-chaired by a WMC Senior Leader and the WMC Facilities Planning Director.  Membership of Space Committee includes education, research, and clinical mission leaders and representatives from each major WMC unit (e.g. Finance, Strategic Planning, Ambulatory Services).  OSUWMC Space Committee is supported by a Subcommittee, which consists of WMC Facilities Planning (FP) staff and representatives from each mission group.  OSUWMC Space Committee typically meets the first Friday of each month.  All WMC space is assigned to Org Units by the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences upon the recommendation of the OSUWMC Space Committee.  Under the supervision of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, space within the shared room pool is centrally scheduled for all WMC units by Events & Video Production.