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Course Reserve Troubleshoot Tips

Accessing and Viewing

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software (preferably version 4.0 or later) is required to view materials on Electronic Reserve. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at no cost either from OCIO or directly from Adobe.
  • Recommended browsers for accessing and viewing electronic reserves are Internet Explorer 4.0 or later and Netscape 4.0 or later.
  • If experiencing a problem while trying to authenticate (for example, an error message displays either, "Sorry, you are not eligible to use this service (Retry)(Quit)" or "Sorry, cannot locate patron record (Retry)(Quit)," take your BuckID to the nearest OSU Library Circulation Desk and ask that they check your patron record.
  • Download speeds can be slow with electronic reserve documents and can vary widely from one document to another. Factors which can influence download times include: size of the document; internet connection speed; network and/or internet congestion; whether an internet service provider has restrictions on download times or speeds. If unable to download a file at all, please see the next entry or contact the Reserve Specialist.
  • If the browser displays "Done" after downloading an article, but the screen is blank, there are a number of potential fixes. The problem can usually be solved by using a different browser or by downloading the file to a disk (see below) instead of opening it directly within the browser. Files can also be too large for your computer's temporary memory. Try emptying the cache file to get more space.
  • PDF files can be saved to a disk if you are having trouble viewing files within a browser or would simply like a copy of the file for later offline viewing and printing. Right-click on the PDF link, then choose "Save Target As...." A dialog box will then ask for verification of the file name and the location where it will save.
  • If receiving the error message "File not found" when trying to access an electronic reserve document, contact the Reserve Specialist.


  • Make sure to use the print icon on the Acrobat toolbar; printing from the browser's toolbar or choosing print from the file menu will result in blank pages.
  • If a PDF prints out backward or as a "mirror image," make sure to select "Print as image" from the print dialog box that appears after clicking the print icon on the Acrobat toolbar.
  • If there is no response to a print command, try printing the document in smaller segments or a few pages at a time.

If unable to resolve a problem using the information above, please contact the Reserves Specialist at 614.292.4861.