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Project Showcase: Medical Visuals Partners with WMC Patient Education

January 2, 2014

My Care Journal

More than a year ago, the adolescent unit of Harding Hospital began collaborating with Wexner Medical Center’s Patient Education department to develop a workbook for their young patients dealing with a wide range of psychiatric and emotional issues.The Harding team saw the need to add illustrations that would enhance the text and engage these children. Also, since no electronic devices are available to these patients on the unit, they hoped to develop a workbook that could also serve as a coloring book. They contacted our Medical Visual’s team, specifically Anthony Baker, one of the few certified medical illustrators available on staff within the Medical Center. After several meetings to discuss ideas to enhance the messaging of the print content, Tony created a series of cartoon-style illustrations to be used in the final form of a journal.

The “My Care Journal” workbook has been undergoing changes based on feedback from the patients and staff but will be in final form soon. Some of the illustrations may be made into full-color wall posters for the unit, to reinforce messages from classes and counseling sessions. Tony also created a worksheet of “Emotion Faces,” which is used during group sessions to expand the patient’s understanding of the variety and range of emotions they may experience.

The figures have added depth and interest to the workbook and have been well received by the staff and patients.