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Diagnostic support tool trials end February 28

February 13, 2014

The Wexner Medical Center and Health Sciences Library are offering trials of two unique point-of-care resources, VisualDx and Isabel. These trials will allow clinicians, faculty, other staff, and students to explore and evaluate these resources for possible addition to the IHIS and Library online reference collection.

Please take time to try these two resources and complete the short, 6-question survey to give us more information about how the resources could be utilized before the trials end on February 28, 2014. 


This diagnostic decision support system combines medical images with concise clinical text. As the clinician enters actual patient findings, VisualDx creates a visual differential diagnosis. The software includes more than 25,000 images representing over 1,200 visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. VisualDx is a multi-use tool designed for point of care clinical diagnosis, emergency preparedness, and medical education.



Isabel is a diagnosis checklist tool to help clinicians broaden their differential diagnosis and recognize a disease at the point of care.  The Isabel database contains over 100,000 documents from medical text books, journal articles, etc., with the ability to identify over 6,000 diseases and 4,000 medications.  Accessed directly or fully integrated into the OSU IHIS system, the web-based Isabel tool uses the patient's demographics and clinical features to produce a list of possible diagnoses, including time-sensitive "Don't Miss Diagnoses."  Access a brief 7 minute Isabel Demonstration by clicking here

As a way to demonstrate the utility of Isabel by specialty, following is the link to a summary of the Isabel results from running 52 MedScape CME Challenge cases through Isabel (16 specialties are represented). Included are the Isabel results, along with respondent statistics - MedScape CME Challenge Case Summaries. To access the cases on Medscape, please click the link in the first column (if you do not have a MedScape account, please use the following – ID: patg1000; Password: dg083161).


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