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July 30, 2015 Copyright Corner
Here are the details of our maintenance window this evening from 5-6PM: Infrastructure Maintenance on two of our main application servers – expected downtime: 15-30 minutes All of our apps will experience downtime except for the Knowledge Bank and Sierra ArchivesSpace – expected downtime: 15 minutes Increase memory used by the app. Restore missing resource
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
The University Libraries’ HR team and the Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce our upcoming training “Uncovering Bias: Identifying and Interrupting Bias in the Workplace,” Thursday, August 6, in THO 150A/B from 9:30 – 11 a.m. Learn more about bias and its impacts while developing strategies for interrupting bias in the workplace.  Additionally, participants will explore their own social identities and their impacts.  The outcome of the workshop will include: Learning how to identify bias in the workplace; Raising awareness about bias and its impacts; How to recognize and address...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
The Libraries are offering CPR/First Aid/AED training for faculty, staff and students.  Each session will last approximately 5 ½ hours, and is free. Thompson Library:  Tuesday, August 11 at 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Room 150 A&B Tech Center:  Thursday, August 13 at 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Room 122 If you are interested in attending, please contact Security Manager Brent Lewis,      292-5069 or lewis.1834.  If you had signed up earlier this month and now find you are unable to attend because of the dates/times of the sessions, please let Brent know so we can open up the sessions to those...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
Students in the Llibraries’ online credit course, “Arts & Sciences 2120,” need to meet with a librarian to conduct a 20-30 minute interview as one of their assignments. These interviews are scheduled according to your availability during a three-week period in the course. The assignment is intended to help students gain a more nuanced understanding of the library and its many functions. We need as many of you as are willing to participate in this to do so! What you do: Tell us how many interviews you are willing to do during Fall 2015 Respond to individual student(s) when they contact...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
Thanks to all of you who came out to learn about Curriculum Mapping for Outreach and Assessment at the July 16 ELF meeting.  The PowerPoint and electronic versions of the worksheets have been provided to us by Anne Zald and you can access them here.   The Teaching and Learning Committee will be exploring ways to build community and resources around this work at OSUL.  If you have any specific questions or requests at this point please feel free to contact Karen Diaz, chair (diaz.28@osu.edu); or any other member of the committee.
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
August 23, 2015 is the first day FWS students can begin working for the Autumn semester.  Students must meet all the FWS criteria prior to starting (e.g., awarded FWS funds, accepted those funds, enrolled in enough hours, fees paid, etc.) in order to be paid from the FWS chartfield. Newly-enrolled students paid from general funds can start on July 28, as they can start as early as four weeks before the start of the semester (August 25).   Students who graduated Summer Term may continue working until the last day of final exams for Autumn first-session classes which is Wednesday, October...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
When using any of the university’s eApplications systems (eTravel, eRequest, HR Action, etc.) that allow for the attachment of files, it is important to remember to remove any restricted data from the attachments.  Restricted data requires the highest level of protection due to legal, regulatory, administrative, contractual, rule or policy requirements. Access to and management of restricted data is strictly limited as unauthorized use or disclosure could substantially or materially impact the university’s mission, operations, reputation, finances or result in identity theft.  Restricted data...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
Have you recently moved and need to update your address? Do you want to make changes to your direct deposit? Do you need to add your newborn to your medical insurance? With Employee Self Service, you can manage your personal information online, any time. The Staff Advisory Committee and Libraries HR would like to remind you that Employee Self-Service allows individuals to update their personal demographic information immediately, including campus mail, home/personal e-mail, phone, address, emergency contact information, and race/ethnicity information. For student employee’s address...
July 29, 2015 Copyright Corner
Copyright protects the intellectual property of creators—more specifically it protects original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright owners have a bundle of exclusive rights in their protected works and they may exercise these rights to control who and under what conditions their work may be used or reused. In copyright law, the rights of copyright owners have often intersected with the rights of others regarding copyright as well as other legally protected rights, including trademark, right of publicity, and right of privacy. Recently, some issues...
July 28, 2015 Copyright Corner
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo by Sam Valadi. CC BY 2.0 by Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo and Cheris Brewer Current Cuba y Puerto Rico son (Cuba and Puerto Rico are) De un pájaro las dos alas, (Two birds of a feather) Reciben flores y balas (They receive flowers and bullets) Sobre el mismo corazón… (Over the same heart…) —From Mi libro de Cuba by Lola Rodríguez de Tió   One Bird, Two Wings Sometimes attributed to Cuban revolutionary José Martí, the verses by Puerto Rican revolutionary Lola Rodríguez de Tió were first published in 1893, while she was exiled in Cuba. Martí and Rodríguez de...