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March 23, 2015 Copyright Corner
Concerned about retaining ownership of your research output or getting assistance with publisher’s agreements? Interested in turning your intellectual property into business opportunities or products? Join the Copyright Resources Center and the Technology Commercialization Office for a discussion of important things to consider for protecting and promoting original research. Who: OSU faculty, graduates, and postdocs When: Thursday, March 26, 1:00 – 3:00pm Where: Thompson Library, Room 150A/B Register now for this free workshop.
February 23, 2015 Copyright Corner
 “…(A) digital story is a short (3-5 minute) movie which uses images, voice, and music to tell a story. There are a variety of media that can be used to create digital stories and a variety of reasons for creating them. ” – The Ohio State University Digital Storytelling Program Authors of digital stories remix and reuse materials to create something new: a short video with a personal narrative. Authors write and record their own narration and often use personal photos, video, and sound; however, they frequently incorporate copyrighted materials from other sources in order to develop powerful...
February 23, 2015 Historical Reflections Blog
Instructor Perspective by Kristin Rodgers In addition to helping the OSU Colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Optometry celebrate their centennials in 2014; I had the pleasure of co-designing and co-instructing a course, ASC2194: Digital Storytelling in the Medical Heritage Center. Brian Leaf, Instructional Design Librarian at University Libraries, and I spent January through September designing the course which we offered second term autumn semester. Having never undertaken such an endeavor before, and as our course was posted for enrollment after the initial autumn registration window, I...
February 17, 2015 Historical Reflections Blog
Convalesce (v.): to recover health and strength gradually after sickness or weakness. The first known use of the term was in the 15th century. While sorting through an archival collection last week, while a cold was beginning to establish its hold within me, I came across the following passage: “Unfortunately this was complicated and interrupted by an atypical pneumonia and nephritis. I came home to my sisters to convalesce.” As my cold developed and fully grew within me over the weekend, I found myself thinking more about the term convalesce and why it has fallen out of favor when it so...
February 3, 2015 Copyright Corner
This post highlights articles published in the last six months with a focus on copyright, especially as it pertains to libraries, higher education, and scholarly communication. Links to the full-text articles are provided when available; [OSU full-text] links will connect authenticated users through The Ohio State University Libraries, while [OA full-text] links point to an open access version of the article that should be available to all users. Did we miss an interesting article? Please share the citation in the comments! Copyright Abdenour, J. (2014). Documenting fair use: Has the...
January 16, 2015 Copyright Corner
Last week, I teamed up with the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) to provide copyright assistance to OSU faculty and staff participating in ODEE’s Digital First iTunes U Bootcamp, which took place at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA. Over the course of four days, I had a blast learning the ins and outs of the iTunes U platform, researching the always-interesting copyright queries that seem to crop up especially in relation to distance education, and getting to know my fellow Buckeyes along with our gracious hosts from Apple. Ohio State University faculty and...
January 4, 2015 Historical Reflections Blog
In 2014 the Medical Center Expansion project, the largest expansion project in OSU’s history, which included the new home of the Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and a new Critical Care Center, was completed.
January 1, 2015 Copyright Corner
It’s that time again! We celebrate Public Domain Day each year as many countries welcome new works into their public domain when the copyrights  for those works expire on January 1st. Read our blog post on the public domain and its cultural importance, and visit these sites around the Web for more coverage of Public Domain Day 2015 and the works entering the public domain for various countries around the world: The Public Domain Review: Class of 2015 by the Open Knowledge Foundation Public Domain Day: January 1, 2015 — For Other Eyes Only from the Duke Law Center for the Study of the...
December 30, 2014 Historical Reflections Blog
The College of Dentistry seal in an “O” with the open book and buckeye leaf with are part of the University seal. The open book signifies education and the buckeye leaf is representative of the Ohio State University. The “O” also represents the Greek letter Omicron which the first letter of the word Odont, meaning tooth. The triangle, representing the Greek letter Delta, together with the cautery and the branches with the leaves and berries represent the dental profession. The leaves represent the 32 teeth in the permanent dentition and the berries represent the 20 teeth in the primary...